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Frequently asked questions

Do you only work in the Bolton area?
Not at all. We at Walk The Walk cross over into Blackburn with Darwen and Bury. For details, click here to see our coverage map and contact us should you have any further enquiries.

Do you work on bank holidays and at the weekends?
Yes - this service is available on an advance booking basis only.

Would it be the same person walking my dog every session?
We would always endeavour to use the same walker on each visit for continuity and relationship building with your pet. If for any other reason, such as sickness or holidays this was not the case, we would notify you of this in advance wherever possible.

Will you let my dog off the lead?
No - at Walk The Walk we have a strict policy of dogs on leads at all times when out and about, ensuring your pet’s safety whilst acknowledging our responsibility for duty of care to those around us.

Would you look after my dog overnight at my house?
Unfortunately, due to insurance constraints and staffing levels, we do not carry out this type of service at the moment. Please check our website for changes in future services.

Are you insured?
Most definitely - click here for full details of our insurance cover.

My dog has not been spayed. Would you still walk it?
Yes – this would not be an issue.

What do I need to leave for my pet when I am away?
All you need to leave is enough food for the appropriate period of time and access to fresh drinking water. We will take care of the rest.

I have two Siberian Huskies which are very strong and pull a lot. Would you take them out?
Certainly - at Walk The Walk we are capable of accommodating any breed of dog. During your free consultation we could discuss whether you would prefer a personalised walk for your dogs in preference to the group walk.

Would you arrive at a specific time when visiting my home?
No. Times when we visit would vary, subject to other pet visits.
This gives you peace of mind and additional security whilst you are away from your home.

Walk The Walk can even look after your fish